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A group of friends created a TeamSpeak server to avoid the badly managed ones and talk peace fully with each other without those ear rapers.

We became popular, which we didn’t expect.
Users really liked the way we worked.
At first, we were unsure. But we saw an opportunity, so we decided to create a little game community and even our own game servers.
We decided to call our previous period “Alpha” and this one “Beta”.

We kept on growing and growing. Everything went well.
So we decided to officially launch on the 21ste of May.

Whilst we were still growing, we saw another opportunity to become even bigger.
We launched our “Free Technical Services” since there aren’t many price worthy people around our region.

And we even launched a special package for “Clans & Groups”.

This was a success, we were able to give everyone a smile with a different service, custom for them.
And… Who knows what the future brings us?


We don’t care about the profit.
We care about making people happy with our services, and that’s exactly what we’re achieving, our dream!
But we wouldn’t be here without our sponsors, friends and some great businesses!

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