Server Info

Please note:
For a detailed status about Up/Downtime go to our Server Status page.

Basic Information:

IP (Click to connect):
TeamSpeak Version: TS3
Uptime: ~99%
Hostings Location: Belgium
Slots: 128
Hostings OS: Windows
Server Version: 3.2.0
Registered On: TeamSpeak-Servers.ORG and

Channel Information:

Temporary: Removed if the channel is empty for more than 1 hour. (Channel type available for everyone.)
Semi-Permanent: Removed every server restart (Channel type only available for everyone. Deleted when not used for more as 2 days, unless you’re ‘Trusted’ or higher.)
Permanent: Never removed (Channel type only available for: Clans/Groups, Trusted or Special Users, staff and Legendary users.)

PING Information:

Country Location Ping (Lowest – Highest)
Belgium Brussels ~26 – 29 ms
Belgium Zaventem ~23 – 27 ms
Netherlands Amsterdam ~33 – 38 ms
Netherlands Rotterdam ~36 – 39 ms
Deutschland Copenhagen  ~43 – 47 ms
Deutschland Berlin ~42 – 48 ms
France Paris ~32 – 36 ms
United States New York City ~112 – 119 ms

Last Ping Time: 17/06/2018 – 07:23 PM (GMT+1)
WARNING: The ping requests are done on network lines with:
75MBPS down and 25MBPS up or higher.