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TeamSpeak Hosting Development
Included ✔ Free Temporary Channels
✔ 99% Uptime
✔ Direct Support
✔ Music Bots
✔ Clan & Group System
✔ Private Channels
✔ Game Servers
✔ FTP Solutions
✔ Shared Webhosting
✔ Dedicated Server Hosting
✔ VPS Hosting
✔ Domain Name Hosting
✔ Web Development
✔ App Development
✔ Creating Translations
Limitations None None Dutch, English & French Translations only
Sold-Out for now…

Technical Assistance Recycling Printing
Included ✔ At your location or from distance
✔ Priority Service available
✔ Repairs
✔ Installation
✔ Maintenance
✔ Interventions
✔ All of the above named for ICT and elektronics!
✔ Electronics (PC, TV, etc.)
✔ Inkt Cartridges
✔ Old clothes (Used for Organisations s.a. WMH)
✔ Certain kinds of stones, wood etc.

✔ Clothing
✔ Flyers
✔ Booklets
✔ Business cards
✔ And more!
Limitations None None None

Safety [STiP Cooperation] Custom Laptops Custom Desktops
Included ✔ Providing Stewards
✔ Coordination
✔ Customization
✔ For work, home or gaming
✔ Without unwanted software
✔ 2 year warranty
✔ 30 days dead pixel warranty
✔ Customization
✔ For work, home or gaming
✔ Without unwanted software
✔ OC Ready
✔ 2 year warranty
✔ 1 year free extended OTUTS warranty
Limitations Request has to be accepted by STiP None None

Data Recovery NEW! Coming Soon Coming Soon
Included ✔ Hard Disk Drives
✔ Solid State Drives
✔ USB Drives
✔ SD/MicroSD Cards
Limitations You only pay when we succeeded!