Websites, web-applications, …
You name it, we make it!

What we deliver

2 year free compatibility fixes
2 year warranty
Easy to use control panels
24/7 Support
Hosting possibilities on our own systems

What we make

Stand-alone applications (Windows/Linux/MacOS/ChromeOS)
Mobile Applications (Android & iOS)

What we use

We’re experienced in the use of:
MySQL & SQL Lite

How we work

  1. The client gets in touch with us.
  2. We schedule a meeting with the client, either digital or in person.
    This meeting well be used to discuss the needs and expectation of the layout and such.
  3. We’ll start working on the project.
  4. The client will receive the first Beta Version.
  5. We’ll continue working on the project, and change the app based on his review.
  6. The client well receive the second Beta.
  7. And again we continue and change the app based on the client’s review.
  8. A few months before the deadline, the client will receive the third Beta.
  9. We’ll finish the project and change some things again if necessary.
  10. The client receives the first release.


Get in touch with us to discuss your project and to get your price quotation!