Technical Assistence

Technical Assistance, whenever you need.

What we do

On Location

Whether it is on your location, or our location, we’ll be there for you.
These things can only be done on your location, unless you bring the machine with issues to us, or whenever we pick it up.

Repairs of your electronics & ICT
Installation of new electronics
Maintenance of electronics and digital material
Installation of cables & renovations (Together with some partners)
Custom Requests

Also available:
Priority Services

From Distance

Live Chat Support (Using TeamSpeak)
Telephone Support (During working time)
TeamViewer Sessions (Duration of a free session: Max. 2 hours for individuals)

WARNING! We can not fix every single issue through Live Chat or Telephone Support!
We can’t hang on the phone with you for 3 hours either, if an issues takes that amount of time to fix, we’ll have to come by or you have to come by our HQ.