We’re always looking for people to help us!
And we offer a nice and friendly team to grow in, so why won’t you become one of our nice staff members?
But before you apply, carefully read the information about our open positions here.

Open Positions:

Back-End Service Unit - (Solicitations close at 31/01/2018)

Do you have experience with Servers, Software, Graphical Design, Video editing or anything similar?
Or would you like to help us out during heavy moments?
Then this position could be perfect for you!
We’re always searching for people who can help us out on different parts.

Task List:
You will help people from the ‘Technical Department’ with their daily tasks.
This means you will be held responsible for “one” or more of the following tasks, depending on your skill/knowledge:
– Graphical Design
– Video Editing
– Server Instance Management
– Network Maintenance
– Software Maintenance/Testing
– TeamSpeak Server management
– Music Bot management

– A microphone of decent quality
– Friendly to others
– Able to work in a team
– Basic knowledge of things needed to execute one of the tasks under ‘Task List’.
– Able to learn new things
– A phone with WhatsApp,
which is required to communicate with other staff members
– Speaking, reading AND writing at least ONE of these languages: (You make more change if you speak Dutch and another language next to that)
Dutch, English or French
– Being online for 5 hours or more

Optional but NOT required:
– Having Steam (Everyone of our Team is a gamer, what did you expect?)
– Being 15 years or older
– Having experience with Back-End permissions/Tasks or being an Staff Member

What do you get from us?
– An avatar for staff members only (after your training period.)
– Access to some nice staff-only features
– Access to Semi and Permanent Channels
– You’ll learn new things in a friendly environment where you get lots of trust and people like to learn you new things.
– Staff tags on TeamSpeak
– Access to Beta and Alpha development
– You will get some money as a “compensation” for your work after proving to us that you’re able to do you work as we want you to do it.

Interested to apply?
You can apply trough the “Become Staff Support Page“.
Or you can send a mail to “teamspeak@otuts.eu“. 



Unsolicited Resume:
Didn’t find what you’re looking for?
Don’t worry, we have the possibility for “Unsolicited Resumes”!

Simply selected “Unsolicited Resume” when asked “which position” and make sure to let us know why you are perfect for us and why we should accept you.
We’ll look for the right position for you after accepting your application.
You can do a solicitation on our “Become Staff Support Page“.