Do you need some help with installing any kind of electronics?
Or can’t you get something to work on your computer?
Or worse, did something break and you need an urgent repair ASAP?
You’re at the right company! We can do it all!

And even more! Arranging a party and do you need some Stewards to keep an eye out?
Even this is possible! This, and way more!

We can offer you everything from the following categories*:

  • IT – ICT – Networking
  • Hosting: FTP Solutions, Dedicated Servers,…
  • Electronics: Installation, Repairs, Recycling
  • Safety: Coordination, Providing Stewards, …

Thanks to all our partners, we’re able to solve almost any issue!

More information? Or do you want an appointment for this service?

Our clients, from any point in time, when they allowed us to post it on our website:

Teamspeak Interface
(Translation Development)

* Within Belgium and close borders. We’re unable to provide this service out of Belgium at this time.