Clans & Groups

We’ve extended our service area really fast, we started to work on custom solutions for clans.
Why? That’s simple, everyone needs some great people to help them out with unexpected issues, and this is even more important for clans & groups.
We kicked of our service for clans & groups on our own system, but we’re able to do way more for them right know!

Keep reading to know more about what we’re offering…

What we offer:

On Our Own Hardware Custom Solutions
What we offer: TeamSpeak:

    • Custom ranks & channels
      with custom icons etc.
    • Our own developed “Clan Management Page”
      on our own Member Area


    • Game Servers
    • Dedicated Technical Support for any issues you may have
      on our TeamSpeak and on your setup.
    • Everything “On Our Own Hardware”
    • Hardware maintenance
    • Custom PC build’s
    • Communication System maintenance & development
    • Graphical Design
    • Cheap hardware across different suppliers
    • And way more!
What we ask: Using our TeamSpeak & displaying our logo on your site. (If possible/applicable) – Displaying our logo on your site.
– Using our TeamSpeak (If possible/Applicable)
– Some coffee, our employees can’t work without
Get In touch with us for your custom solution and more information!
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Please note: We do not ask money for these services.