Clans & Groups

We worked out a special service for Clans & Groups to deliver special solutions for them.
Why? That’s simple, everyone needs some great people to help them out with unexpected issues, and this is even more important for clans & groups.
We kicked of our service for clans & groups on our own system, but we’re able to do way more for them!

Keep reading to know more about what we’re offering…

What we offer:

On Our Own Hardware Custom Solutions
What we offer: TeamSpeak:

    • Custom ranks & channels
      with custom icons etc.
    • Our own developed “Clan Management Page”
      on our own Member Area


    • Game Servers
    • Dedicated Technical Support for any issues you may have
      on our TeamSpeak and on your setup.
    • Everything “On Our Own Hardware”
    • Hardware maintenance
    • Custom PC build’s
    • Communication System maintenance & development
    • Graphical Design
    • Cheap hardware across different suppliers
    • And way more!
What we ask: Using our TeamSpeak & displaying our logo on your site. (If possible/applicable) – Displaying our logo on your site.
– Using our TeamSpeak (If possible/Applicable)
– Some coffee, our employees can’t work without
Request an appointment to get a talk about this service, or get in touch for more information.

– Custom combinations are possible as well!