We’ve a variety of possible ways to contact us, depending on what exactly you need.
So choose wisely, making the right choice will speed up your contact or support request.
Please Note: You can always poke one of our Team Members on teamspeak!

Please look at our Support Pages & FAQ before sending us Emails.
Most of your questions will be answered here, or there is a category to put your questions in on our Support Pages.


Support PagesFrequently Asked Questions
Look here before sending us Emails!
For category’s which doesn’t exist on our Support Pages
For Copyright Strikes or Back-End Tech Information



Working Times

TeamSpeak Support:
(Support on the TeamSpeak server with channel creation, questions, issues,…
This does “not” include Support Pages on the website!)

Opening Closing
Monday 18:00 23:00
Tuesday 18:00 23:00
Wednesday 14:00 23:00
Thursday 18:00 23:00
Friday 18:00 23:00
Saturday 10:00 22:30
Sunday 10:00 22:30

Technical Department:
(This includes support forms on the site, e-mails, Tech-issues, …)

Opening Closing
Monday 08:00 23:00
Tuesday 08:00 23:00
Wednesday 08:00 23:00
Thursday 08:00 23:00
Friday 08:00 23:00


About our @GMAIL.COM domain

We use our Gmail mail address when our normal OTUTS.eu mail servers are unable to send mail to some providers.
Our one and only official GMAIL address isĀ otuts.eu@gmail.com
We do NOT use any other GMAIL accounts! And all the mails you send here will be transferred to our normal mailbox!

Please note that we only use our Gmail address when some mail providers do NOT accept mails given from our Server.
– And at this time, we don’t have any issues…

Even more information...

Please note that the above Email Addresses are not all the ones which exist.
For a full list, read further:

teamspeak@otuts.eu – Everything you send here will end in “contact@otuts.eu“.
technical-support@otuts.eu – Up And Running.
members@otuts.eu & login@otuts.eu – These are the mailboxes used on our Member Area. These are No-Reply Boxes!
webmaster@otuts.eu – Dead, mails will be forwarded to “technical-support@otuts.eu”.
become.developer@otuts.eu – Currently dead and not in use.

Some of our Team Members has an OTUTS Mailbox as well.
Most common are:
masterman@otuts.eu – MasterMan
schorpioen@otuts.eu – Schorpioen