Why paying for expensive people to manage and maintain all your electronics, network, and even more when there are people who do it for free?
The answer on that questions is easy, because there aren’t many people who do that, or not much of them deliver a good service.
But that isn’t completely right, we offer all the things said above and even more.
And best of all, we even do it for free!

What we offer:

Normal Extended & Fast Service
  • Electronic Installations
  • Software installing, configuration & maintenance
  • Hardware installing & maintenance
  • Network installation, configuration and maintenance
  • Pickup of your old electronics for recycling
    (Not possible for all electronics)
Service Regions:
  • Belgium**:
    – Flemish Brabant
    – Brussels
    – Antwerp
  • Belgium**:
    – The whole Flemish part
Price: Free* Traveling costs and material costs.
The services (working hours etc.) are still free*.

Are you interested in our offer?
Don’t hesitate to look at our contact options on the “contact” page!

* How is it possible that we offer all of this just for free?
Thanks to our Partners, we’re able to give this service for free.
You only need to pay for additional or replacing parts if necessary unless stated otherwise.

** We’re doing our best to extend our service area even further, sadly enough, we’ve to decline some regions.
If you want to be sure about your region, please give us an call on +324/