New services and working hours

– The content of this article is more than five months old and may not be relevant or up-to-date anymore.

Hello everyone,
It’s time for a little update on what we did last time.

  • First of all, we changed the “Service Status” page.
    This allowed us to remove the old one and the “Maintenance” page.
    Information about Maintenance can be displayed on our new status page.
  • We’re now offering all our services to the public, and added the one for “Individuals”.
    The “Individuals Service” is completely free.
  • We added a phone number
    You can now call us for more info.
    You’ll get in touch with our experienced staff during the working times.
  • We added an WhatsApp Business Account
    This allows us to communicate with everyone on lots of social media
  • We changed our working times:
    This allows us to open up on Saturdays.
    You can find the new hours on our “Contact Page

And we’ll continue with growing!
We’re recruiting new staff to make our team stronger, we’ll be adding a “Business” part and way more!

We’ll keep you updated.
And if you have some ideas, do not hesitate to let u know!