The elimination of certain issues

– The content of this article is more than five months old and may not be relevant or up-to-date anymore.

Dear users,
We have noticed the double amount of DDoS and other annoying attacks over the past few weeks.
To ensure the best quality on our services, we have eliminated these issues in a aggressive way.

The following changes have been made globally:

  • We have denied the following country’s from ALL our services: Morocco and Turkey.
    We’ve identified them as the top country’s for DDoS attacks.
  • We upgraded our anti DDoS attacks system.
    These upgrades were already noticeable, never offline for longer as 5 minutes etc.
    But they are even stronger right now.
  • And we installed certain new security systems.
    We won’t give to much information about them yet, but they will certainly help us.

The following changes have been made on the TeamSpeak:

  • We added extra tags in to our ServerBot to deny more nicknames.
  • We also added an verification system to separate the good from the bad users.
  • Completely disabled the whisper system.

These new systems are already running for a week, and we see that attacks and spammers have lowered.
But this doesn’t mean that the issues are fixed yet.
We will be extremely aggressive in further elimination of these issues.
All the necessary things will be done. And we’re still closely monitoring everything.

That’s all for now.
Over and Out,
– Michiel

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