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Our TeamSpeak server is where everything started.

We made our TeamSpeak server to avoid these badly managed one’s which couldn’t deliver quality.
Our TeamSpeak Server offers a well managed, and stable network, together with well trained staff which know how to react in different situations.
And the best of all? It’s completely free!
Some TeamSpeak Servers ask money to unlock nice features, different ranks and such.
We don’t, everything can be achieved by only being online.

What we offer:

  • Friendly staff who can always help you
  • Support on TeamSpeak in 3 languages! (Dutch, English and French)
  • Only top voice quality for the best sound
  • Own gaming community, website and more!
  • Our own ranking System
  • Music Bots
  • 24/7 hosted in Belgium with a minimum up time of 99%!

Not Enough?
Let us know what you want, and we’ll see if this is a possible extra feature!


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Default User Rules:

Global & Behavior:
  • Do NOT act like staff, unless this is real. (Real staff members have the tag “Staff Member”!)
  • Respect your fellow users and the staff.
  • Don’t be a racist.
  • Don’t upload avatars that are disrespectful or contain violence.
  • Don’t advertise for other TeamSpeak Servers.
  • Don’t advertise for your own youtube channel etc. unless you have that rank.
  • Do not advertise for any other stuff (this includes: hosting, gaming servers and any unnamed) unless you have permission for OTUTS Staff Members.
  • Don’t use swear words as nickname or channel name! This includes every type of bad words, offensive channel names etc.
  • Don’t use symbols (ايتن , Г, Ч or anything similar) as nickname or channel name. Use names that everyone can read.
  • Stalking and any other bad or illegal activities are not allowed. (These include: Hacking, DDoS/DoS attacks,…)
  • VPN’s or proxy’s are not allowed and will result in a permanent ban.
  • People from the following country’s are banned and we will deny service to them: Morocco and Turkey.
  • Don’t randomly spam, poke or whisper to staff/people. Random whispering can be named as ‘Ear Raping’.
  • ‘Ear raping’ is not allowed and will result in a ban.
  • Whisper, poke or chat spamming is not allowed.
  • Do not send links to viruses or other harmful software to people.
  • Do not send links to harmful services or sites to either users or staff.
Plugin & Automation: 
  • Don’t use soundboards or voice changers.
  • Do not use plugins which let you follow a certain user or users around the teamspeak.
  • Don’t use plugins or modifications which makes it unable to move you.
Forum (Member Area) behavior: 
  • The same rules as the ones from TeamSpeak are used there as well!
  • Be respectful to each other.
  • Only talk English and Dutch in global parts! You can talk every language you want in private parts. (Private message, groups,…)

Extra Rules For Clan Owners/Admins:

  • Do “not” use any UGC Groups. These include channel groups and server groups!
  • Don’t add or remove people from clans which you don’t own or administrate.
  • Don’t give people Channels Groups in other channels then your own, doing this will result in a permanent ban and removal of your clan.
  • Don’t edit channels which aren’t yours or don’t belong to your clan.
  • Don’t abuse your extra permissions.
  • Do NOT act like ‘OTUTS Staff’, you are only staff in your own clan.
  • People may only be in one clan, joining 2 clans or more at the same time is not allowed.
  • You may not create unlimited channels, the amount depends on your active members: 0 – 5 members = a total of 3 channels 5 – 10 members = a total of 5 channels 10 – 15 members = a total of 7 channels If you have not enough members, contact an staff member, they will look at it case per case


  • By using our TeamSpeak Server, you automatically agree to these rules.
  • We can update the rules at all time, without warning you. (Last Update: 27/06/2018)
  • If you found someone who should be banned or punished, report them via, or poke a staff member on teamspeak.