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Voting Statistics:
Total votes in "August": 30.
-22 against "July" (52 votes) and -76 against "June" (106 votes).
Rank Statistics:*
Best Rank in "August": 48.
-42 against "July" (Number: 6) and -36 against "June" (Number: 12).
User Statistics:
Most Users in "August": 34.
+6 against "July" (28 Users) and Nothing Changed against "June" (34 Users).
Downtime Statistics:**
Downtime in "August": 0 Queries.
Nothing Changed against "July" (0 Queries) and -87 against "June" (87 Queries).

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* The rank listed on the voting page was the best rank of the month seen at “22.00” hour at a day.
The rank displayed on this page is the best rank we had in that month, even if we only had that rank for 5 minutes!
** 1 Query = 5 minutes.

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