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Top Voters of all time: frauss, Sne, Skorpio, Quavo & Vete
Top 3 voters of “January”: frauss, Sne & Skorpio

Voters Of The Month: February Top Voters Of: 2018
Nickname Vote(s)
Lord_vaper 16
frauss 9
TheMedic 3
Sne 2
Matthi 2

Nickname Vote(s)
frauss 26
Sne 7
Skorpio 1
Quavo 1
Vete 4
Reward Rank: Top Voter – February
(Reward at the end of the month)
Top Voter – 2018
Valid Time: Only the best 3 voters will get this rank.
Removed after 1 month.
Valid as long as you are a top voter.
Removed after 1 year.

Rank Listing On “TeamSpeak-Servers.ORG“:

Current Rank: Best Rank (Monthly): Best Rank Of All Time:
21 21 13
Since: 11/02/’18 – 22.00 On: 06/02/’18 – 22.00 On: 11/08/’17 – 22.00

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Update! Staff Members can no longer be “Top Voter Of The Month” or “Top Voter Of All Time”!
This gives a possibility to users to get that as well.