Warning for fake emails

This post is to inform people about the usage of either real or fake OTUTS email addresses to send scam messages to people.
Please get in touch with us if you’re in doubt about one of our emails.

All messages send from “contact[AT]otuts.eu” about dating platforms are not send from our mail servers and are fake.
We’ve confirmed that this email address is primarly being used to imput in to contact forms.
Do not click on any links in these emails and forward them back to us if you’re in doubt.

The emailbox “test[AT]otuts.eu” was created for internal testing purposes, and we have confirmed this email box was hacked, but no personal data from our clients was leaked.
Please ignore all emails you receive from this email address and delete them immidiately.
We have taken the appropriate steps to remove this mailbox, and updated our systems so this can’t happen anymore.

We will update this post if other email addresses get used for this, or if other information about this gets to our attention.